Handling Complex Estate Administration

O'Sullivan Estate Lawyers LLP provides estate administration services and advice for high-value and complex estates, including estates with unique assets, such as business holdings, significant investment portfolios, private equity interests and estates with assets located in different jurisdictions.

Experienced Guidance and Advice in Administering Complex Estates

Our legal professionals provide an experienced and consultative approach that thoroughly considers all variables to administer the estate in an efficient manner. Our attention to detail and tailored strategies and processes ensure that assets are dealt with and passed along as the deceased loved one wished, in as seamless a way as possible.

As the family focuses on mourning the passing of their loved one, we can assist with legal details and requirements relating to the estate. Our firm will assist the estate representative with conducting a thorough search for all estate assets and create a detailed inventory. We will provide guidance regarding identifying and valuing assets, while working with tax and financial professionals in the administration of the estate where appropriate. With this information in hand, we can create a plan for administering the estate in the most efficient manner possible. We work collaboratively with the estate representative to administer the estate, allocating responsibility for various action items as agreed and documented, from paying liabilities to the distribution of assets to the beneficiaries, the preparation and submission of an Ontario estate information return and the final wind-up of the estate.

O'Sullivan Estate Lawyers LLP is experienced in assisting with court probate applications, including original, ancillary and resealed grants of probate in foreign jurisdictions and working with foreign legal advisors to administer assets in foreign jurisdictions.

Our lawyers work with the estate's tax advisors, both domestic and cross-border, to assist in completing often complex tax compliance matters.

For more information about how O'Sullivan Estate Lawyers LLP can assist in executing the administration of a complex estate, please contact our Toronto, Ontario, law office today.