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May 2019 Archives

Canadian Tax Rates: How Do We Compare?

Now that the flurry of another tax season has come and gone, and we can put tax return preparation to the side until next year, its seems timely to consider in a dispassionate way how Canadian tax rates stack up against other countries, in particular the U.S.. Do we pay too much tax compared to other countries? A recent report by The Fraser Institute released on March 14, 2019 sets out the facts based on 2017 rates. [1]

Using Letters of Wishes to Guide your Guardians

In Ontario, a standard guardianship clause in a will where there are minor children typically appoints one or more guardians, may include alternate ones, and will usually refer to the need to obtain a permanent appointment by the court pursuant to the Children's Law Reform Act[1] (please refer to my previous blog in this regard). As important as the appointment of guardians may be, it provides no guidance to the appointed guardians for the minor children's care and upbringing. In order to address this, parents should consider a "letter of wishes" to the guardians of their children.