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The Toronto-based trust and estate lawyers at O’Sullivan Estate Lawyers are regularly sought by reporters, editors, as well as TV and radio producers for their thought leadership, opinions and analysis of important and topical trust and estate issues which impact families in wealth succession and planning.

They are also regular columnists for The Lawyer’s Daily, published by LexisNexis, one of Canada’s most important publications for the legal profession, as well as Advisor’s Edge, published by Newcom. The firm is also a member of Mondaq, and has a robust listing of articles which are distributed through the Mondaq Global Network, with more than 1 million members worldwide, including lawyers, accountants, as well as C-suite executives and business owners.

Four Ways of Charitable Giving

People support charities for a variety of reasons, with the types of charities and the amount and frequency of gifts dependent on each person’s financial and personal circumstances. When you add in the complexity of the various ways to donate and relevant tax and non-tax considerations for each method, it can quickly become challenging to figure out which charities to benefit, the way in which to donate, the timing of donations, and the level of control to retain over those donations.

Importance of integrity when providing trust and estate advice

What do we mean when we say that a professional estate adviser has “integrity”? I would like to think it means someone who is an ethics leader, has the complete trust and respect of clients and colleagues, who sets the tone of conduct and standards for his or her peers; and who does not compromise principle due to a firmly entrenched ethical framework.

First create a will, then keep it updated

Making a will is only the first step, though. Ensuring your will is kept up to date can often prove challenging.

When it’s time for a trust to follow beneficiaries south

In the estate context, it’s not easy dealing with trusts where U.S. beneficiaries are involved. U.S. beneficiaries can seriously complicate an estate plan, particularly regarding ongoing trusts. This article discusses the potential for migrating a Canadian trust to the U.S. where the trust has U.S. beneficiaries.

Will we meet again? The Zoom boom

The challenge will be once video calls are an option, as opposed to a necessity because of the pandemic, how best to utilize them? What are some of their benefits and shortfalls? These are issues that professional advisers and others will need to grapple with.

Will Canada Have a Wealth Tax?

Whether new forms of tax might be introduced on the Canadian scene, including an inheritance tax or wealth tax, has had currency in the last few years in the face of increasing government debt and income inequality. The tsunami that has hit government debt levels as a result of COVID-19 has made these issues only more relevant and top of mind.

The benefits of choosing an executor who’s a team player

Administering an estate can be a difficult and burdensome process, and coupled with grieving the loss of a loved one and dealing with demanding beneficiaries, the role of an executor can be a thankless job. Additionally, the role of executor comes with legal liability.