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The Toronto-based trust and estate lawyers at O’Sullivan Estate Lawyers are regularly sought by reporters, editors, as well as TV and radio producers for their thought leadership, opinions and analysis of important and topical trust and estate issues which impact families in wealth succession and planning.

They are also regular columnists for The Lawyer’s Daily, published by LexisNexis, one of Canada’s most important publications for the legal profession, as well as Advisor’s Edge, published by Newcom. The firm is also a member of Mondaq, and has a robust listing of articles which are distributed through the Mondaq Global Network, with more than 1 million members worldwide, including lawyers, accountants, as well as C-suite executives and business owners.

Should Canada have a wealth tax: lessons learned

Wealth taxes are not new — countries that have a wealth tax include France, India, Italy, Norway, Spain and Switzerland, and many that had them have abandoned them.

Pandemic complicates discretionary trust payouts

Trustees must balance the interests of income and capital beneficiaries amid economic uncertainty.

Paying for the pandemic

Sooner or later, raising taxes will be back on the agenda. Governments better prepare their citizens in advance.

The global pandemic has been a reminder that sacrifices must be made for the common good. Over the last few months, people everywhere were urged to do their duty — some by staying home, others by carrying on. At some point, they will all be asked to reach deeper into their wallets for what will likely be a long recovery.

We’re moving to Canada: Leaving assets abroad

When someone is packing up to move to another country, whether it be for work, education, family or maybe just a new adventure, in addition to leaving behind their friends and families, it is not uncommon for ex-patriots to leave behind a trail of assets, which can cause significant problems for their executors upon death.

Get ready for new trust reporting rules

Beginning in the 2021 tax year, a trust must disclose the name, address, date of birth, residence address and taxpayer identification number (i.e., social insurance or business number) for trustees, beneficiaries, settlors and controlling people. The new information must be filed using a separate schedule accompanying the T3.

Avoiding the tax bill on U.S. securities

Many clients will live in what they think is a safe Canadian domestic bubble when they own U.S. securities. They would be surprised to find out that their investments may attract U.S. estate tax as high as 40 per cent when they die.

Choosing an executor: Who’s in charge?

Making the choice of who will be your executor or advising clients on this issue is pivotal in the estate planning process. Here are key considerations in choosing executors.