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The Toronto-based trust and estate lawyers at O’Sullivan Estate Lawyers are regularly sought by reporters, editors, as well as TV and radio producers for their thought leadership, opinions and analysis of important and topical trust and estate issues which impact families in wealth succession and planning.

They are also regular columnists for The Lawyer’s Daily, published by LexisNexis, one of Canada’s most important publications for the legal profession, as well as Advisor’s Edge, published by Newcom. The firm is also a member of Mondaq, and has a robust listing of articles which are distributed through the Mondaq Global Network, with more than 1 million members worldwide, including lawyers, accountants, as well as C-suite executives and business owners.

Inconsistent definitions of common law spouse affect estate, family law

Do you know who your spouse is? This is not a question anyone might expect to be asked, but the definition of common law spouse varies between provinces and between different laws within provinces. It is overdue for Ontario, and other provinces, to review their laws governing common law spouses’ rights on relationship breakdown and death.

Owning international real estate can result in multiple taxation on death

Shopping for and buying real estate in another country can be fun. It can be the reward for creating and divesting a successful business or making smart investments. But there’s a catch: double or triple taxation can arise, depending on the jurisdiction. This is an important issue that is not often addressed in estate planning.

Powers of attorney for mobile clients: International protection of adults

This final article will review the Hague Convention on the International Protection of Adults, 1999 (the Convention) and what steps must be taken when a jurisdiction has no express rules allowing recognition of powers of attorney.

Choosing Your Executors

An executor “executes” your will, carrying out the terms of your will and administering your estate.

Les testaments en ligne gagnent en popularité

Margaret O’Sullivan, managing partner of O’Sullivan Estate Lawyers in Toronto, said before the pandemic that she noticed that wills were getting more complicated due to situations such as mixed marriages and mixed families.

Online wills cut costs and deliver convenience, but they aren’t for everyone

Syndicated in: Yahoo! Finance, The Toronto Star, CityNews Toronto, Winnipeg, CityNews Calgary, CityNews Edmonton, Winnipeg Free Press, Mississauga.com, Brampton Guardian, SaultOnline.com, DailyCourier.com [Kelowna], 570 News, 660 News, 680 News.

New trust reporting and disclosure rules are coming

The idea of a “private” trust will slip from the vernacular in 2021, as the government gains new information.

Inheritance tax, wealth tax and more capital gains tax: The future of Canadian taxation?

Canada is unique in taxing capital gains on death, but among G7 countries, it is the only one without an inheritance or estate tax.