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The Toronto-based trust and estate lawyers at O’Sullivan Estate Lawyers are regularly sought by reporters, editors, as well as TV and radio producers for their thought leadership, opinions and analysis of important and topical trust and estate issues which impact families in wealth succession and planning.

They are also regular columnists for The Lawyer’s Daily, published by LexisNexis, one of Canada’s most important publications for the legal profession, as well as Advisor’s Edge, published by Newcom. The firm is also a member of Mondaq, and has a robust listing of articles which are distributed through the Mondaq Global Network, with more than 1 million members worldwide, including lawyers, accountants, as well as C-suite executives and business owners.

Canadian, Ontario laws that can impact estates and trusts

In the interest of giving you some new (or new to you) laws to worry about, here is a roundup of some laws which can have a significant impact on a Canadian or Ontario estate plan or estate administration.

Continuing powers of attorney for property: ‘Effective immediately’ v. ‘springing’

Given the power that is being granted to the attorney for property and the potential for misuse and abuse, there are a number of considerations to balance protecting the grantor and practicality, one of which is when the power of attorney should come into effect.

For modern families, modern estate planning

When I first started practising estate planning, the traditional nuclear family composed of a married male and female with children represented by far the majority of my clients, with very few exceptions. Now, from a societal viewpoint, the traditional nuclear family is in the minority, comprising approximately only about a third of North American households.

CRA clarifications boost the case for joint partner trusts

“It’s very helpful to know that both spouses can contribute, because it removes some question marks and reduces the risk of duplication,” said Margaret O’Sullivan, managing partner with O’Sullivan Estate Lawyers LLP in Toronto. “Overall, [this position] offers a little bit more flexibility, which is always welcome.”

Globe Advisor Weekly Newsletter

There’s ‘a lot of apathy’ about updating estate planning documents

Globe Advisor spoke with Ms. O’Sullivan, whose firm recently published the book, Trust and Estate Essentials: Achieving Success in Family Succession, Second Edition, about how advisors should approach estate planning with their clients.

Expect the unexpected: New trust reporting, disclosure rules

Here’s an overview of what you need to know if you are a trustee of an existing trust. First, you’ll need to determine if your trust is caught by the new rules. Exemptions are narrow.

The estate documents are signed, now what?

You’ve gone through the process of executing your will(s), continuing power of attorney for property and power of attorney for personal care… now what? This article looks at some of the considerations after you have signed your key estate planning documents.

Inheritance tax: The challenges of wealth and income inequality

There is pressure on governments worldwide to use the tax system as one approach to address these issues, including targeting the wealthy, in one form or another.