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Estate and Trust Administration

Skilled Advice in Estate and Trust Administration

After an individual dies, winding up an estate involves a multitude of legal and financial matters. For family members who are executors, guardians and trustees and who are still grieving, navigating the process can seem complicated and overwhelming.

At O’Sullivan Estate Lawyers LLP, we can provide reliable guidance and a supporting hand to help you every step of the way.

Helping You Shoulder the Burden

Our legal team has a deep understanding of the emotions and stresses that arise following the death of a loved one. As a boutique firm, we provide a comfortable atmosphere where you can find comprehensive and pragmatic assistance.

One of the first reassurances we provide to our clients is that there’s usually no rush to administer the estate. There are many steps to take, but we can bring order to the process and walk you through the tasks at the right time and pace. We can also create a written action plan to do so in order that you have clarity on what is involved.

We create a space where you can feel comfortable, knowing that we have all the bases covered and that you are being backed by legal advisors you can trust.

“The O’Sullivan team took the time to understand my family’s dynamics, provided superb options and gave me time to consider the best solution. During a 3-year litigation, they helped me remain calm with their knowledgeable, professional and thoughtful manner. They are attentive, responsive and simply good people. For these reasons, they are now my family’s estate planners.”

— Client

Access As Much or As Little Advice As You Need

Some of our clients are administering an estate for the first time. Others have been through the process before, but may be administering a larger, more complex estate than they have the knowledge, skill or desire to manage.

Our lawyers have worked with clients across Ontario and throughout Canada and internationally. We have been through the estate administration process hundreds of times, with particular skill in administering high net worth estates and those involving cross-border, multijurisdictional beneficiaries, assets or executors.

We know what must be done, how to do it efficiently, and how to advise you to  carry out your fiduciary duties in a way to minimize liability and future legal problems. Whatever your level of need, our lawyers draw on their depth of experience to ensure as efficient and streamlined an administration as possible.

Helping Grieving Families Shoulder the Legal Burden

As the family focuses on mourning the passing of a loved one, we can assist with legal details and requirements relating to the estate. Steps we can help with include:

  • Assisting the estate representative with conducting a thorough search for all estate assets and creating a detailed inventory
  • Providing guidance regarding identifying and valuing assets, while working with tax and financial professionals in the administration of the estate where appropriate
  • Creating a plan for administering the estate in the most efficient manner possible
  • Working collaboratively with the estate representative to administer the estate
  • Allocating responsibility for various action items as agreed and documented
  • Paying liabilities through to the distribution of assets to the beneficiaries
  • Preparing and submitting an Ontario estate information return
  • Final wind-up of the estate

O’Sullivan Estate Lawyers is experienced in assisting with court probate applications, including original, ancillary and resealed grants of probate in foreign jurisdictions and working with foreign legal advisors to administer assets in foreign jurisdictions.

Our lawyers work with the estate’s tax advisors, both domestic and cross-border, to assist in completing often complex tax compliance matters.

Consult With Our Lawyers About Your Duties

Our lawyers can help you understand your responsibilities and make a plan to carry them out properly. Contact us by email to book an appointment today.