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Author: Marly Peikes

Whom To Inform About Your Estate Plan

You’ve gone through the process of executing your Will(s), Continuing Power of Attorney for Property and Power of Attorney for Personal Care… now what? This blog looks at some of the considerations after you have signed your key estate planning documents. Storage One of the key considerations is where to

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Beneficiary Designations Uncertainty: Where Are We Now?

It is a well-established principle from the Supreme Court of Canada’s 2007 decision, Pecore v Pecore, that there is a presumption of a resulting trust where a gratuitous transfer of property is found. The primary example is when an asset is put into joint names by a parent with an

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Cross-Border Giving Considerations

There are a variety of non-tax and tax reasons to support charities. When deciding which charities to benefit, many Canadians have philanthropic objectives that extend beyond the border. First, it’s important to understand the Canadian tax benefits of charitable giving. Under Canadian tax rules, a donor may claim tax credits

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Heads Up: Executor’s Tax Compliance Responsibilities On Death

As we head into tax season, we want to give our readers a refresher and a resource on tax filings for estates. Executors are generally responsible for income tax compliance for a deceased person and their estate, including preparing and filing all necessary tax returns in all relevant jurisdictions, paying

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Domestic Contracts Across Borders

There are many considerations that go into deciding to relocate to a new jurisdiction. What may not be so apparent, or unfortunately what may even be at the bottom of the to-do list, is ensuring any legal documentation is effective. It may come as a surprise to individuals moving to

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Battle of the Foundations

Charitable foundations are structures for long term, flexible and customized philanthropy. Both private and public foundations enable donors to make long term gifts and have various benefits, including, creating a lasting legacy, involving family members in the giving process, and charitable tax credits. These structures may be attractive for donors

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