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Planes, Trains, Wills & POAs:

“When Should You Have a Local or Separate Situs Will or Power of Attorney?” Many of our readers, especially business owners, may be familiar with the concept of having multiple wills in the same jurisdiction, where each will governs different classes of assets—usually used to avoid paying estate administration tax

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Testamentary Freedom: Spence Up Your Life

Spence v BMO Trust Company, 2016 ONCA 196, is a topical case which has featured in our blog as recently as January 2023. This case serves as a reminder that testamentary freedom – a will-maker’s right to dispose of his or her property as he or she sees fit – is

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U.S. Estate Tax: Heading Toward the Cliff on January 1, 2026

There is increasing uncertainty about the future of U.S. estate tax. On the one hand, under U.S. legislation that temporarily halved the lifetime exemption amount passed during the Trump administration, the lifetime exclusion amount is set to decrease on January 1, 2026, to $5M (USD) adjusted for inflation since 2011,

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Trustee Discretion: Where Absolute does not mean Unfettered

Trusts, and discretionary trusts in particular, are a staple of estate planning for their flexibility and adaptability. They can address a multitude of situations such as: managing assets for spouses, minors, persons with disabilities or vulnerabilities; asset protection and preservation; business wealth and succession; and incentivizing activities such as education.

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A Guide on Gifting to Grandchildren

The welcoming of a new child into the family is a great time for parents to update their estate plan to include their bundle of joy. But what about a new grandparent? The question always arises: should I leave anything for my grandchildren? The short answer is that you don’t

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