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Guardianship and Management Plans

Guardianship and Management Plans for Loved Ones

When a minor, loved one with special needs or other individual whom you care for or have obligations to is incapable of managing property and personal care, including making decisions with regard to shelter, nutrition, medical and health care, it may make sense to have a guardian appointed for that person.

Our lawyers have decades of experience helping families explore options to properly ensure the future care of vulnerable loved ones.

Help With All Aspects of Guardianships

A guardian has the legal authority and duty to care for the personal care and property of the incapable person. Guardianship law and procedure are complex and hold guardians to a high standard of care.

Our lawyers have established many guardianships and are familiar with the legal considerations and processes involved in:

  • Obtaining court approval to be appointed as a guardian
  • Preparing a management plan
  • Administering a guardianship
  • Managing the incapable person’s finances, including investing and distributing funds and protecting wealth through effective estate planning

Consult With Our Lawyers About Special Needs

For experienced guardianship legal help in Ontario, contact O’Sullivan Estate Lawyers LLP.