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High Net Worth Estate Planning

Strategic Planning for High Net Worth Estates

Individuals and families have numerous wealth protection needs. The larger or more complex the estate, the greater the need for strategic planning. At O’Sullivan Estate Lawyers LLP, we work regularly with high net worth individuals, and can provide a variety of customized estate planning solutions to meet your needs.

Answers to Your Estate Planning Questions and Concerns

For high net worth individuals with large or complex estates, the most common questions and concerns include:

  • How can I shield my estate and my children from taxes upon my death?
  • How can I protect the inheritance I leave my children in the event of my children’s matrimonial breakdown or divorce?
  • How can I pass down or transfer special assets such as a business or cottage?
  • I have real property located in more than one country. How is foreign property transferred upon death, and can a will drafted in one country conflict with a will drafted elsewhere?

Helping You Leverage a Variety Of Estate Planning Techniques

From complex will planning to straightforward incapacity planning, our lawyers can help you find effective solutions to your estate planning concerns. We will help you understand your options and develop an estate plan that meets your needs and those of your family into the future.

Through domestic contracts, we can protect your property against claims in the event of marital breakdown and death. Using trusts and multijurisdictional wills, we can minimize tax obligations and ensure that property in other countries is transferred efficiently and at minimum expense. And through our probate fee minimization strategies, we can help shield your assets from high probate taxes and an increasingly expensive and regulated probate process.

Estate and Probate Solutions for Individuals and Families

For more information about how our high net worth estate planning services can help your situation, we encourage you to contact our Toronto law firm today and discuss your needs with our skilled lawyers.