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Advice to Executors, Trustees, Legal Representatives, Guardians and Beneficiaries

Advice to Executors, Trustees, Legal Representatives, Guardians and Beneficiaries

Often beneficiaries, executors, trustees and guardians feel unprepared when a death, incapacity or another event occurs, precipitating the need for legal assistance. At the Toronto, Ontario, law firm of O’Sullivan Estate Lawyers LLP, we can assist you.

Providing Counsel and Guidance to Executors, Trustees, and Beneficiaries

Beneficiaries, executors, trustees and guardians may navigate estate issues only once in a lifetime. Knowing what to do and where to start can be overwhelming. Our legal team is here to provide support. We have decades of experience in estate and trust administration and can help you navigate the legal issues and processes.

Are you a/an:

  • Beneficiary of an inheritance? We can clarify your rights, provide guidance in respect of releases and distribution of your inheritance, and provide comprehensive representation with a view to ensuring your inheritance and its distribution to you is carried out appropriately.
  • Trustee? Trustees have a legal obligation to hold the property of the trust for the benefit of the beneficiaries. We can provide counsel regarding the extent of your trustee obligations and the holding, management, accounting and distribution of trust property to beneficiaries.
  • Attorney or guardian? Attorneys and guardians manage minors’, incapable persons’ and others’ assets. They oversee personal care, shelter, nutrition and medical care. If you are acting as an attorney or guardian or “substitute decision-maker,” we can help you understand and exercise your responsibilities.
  • Executor? An executor is appointed by the testator to carry out the directions of a will. We can help with all matters in the estate administration process ranging from will interpretation and administration to distribution of the estate.

Consult With Our Lawyers

To ensure you understand your responsibilities and that your rights are being taken care of, contact our firm for highly qualified legal help. For more information about our advice and counsel services, contact us.