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High Value and Complex Estate and Trust Administration, Probate and Fiduciary Accounting

High Value and Complex Estate and Trust Administration, Probate and Fiduciary Accounting

The administration of estates and trusts – in particular complex, high value ones including estates with unique assets, such as business holdings, significant investment portfolios, private equity interests or valuable art and collectibles – can be confusing and overwhelming. If you are an estate executor or trustee, the lawyers at O’Sullivan Estate Lawyers can step in and provide reliable guidance.

Reliable Legal Guidance to Administer High Value and Complex Estates

The administration of estates and trusts involves numerous legal and financial intricacies and financial issues. If you face challenges in administering an estate following a death or in administering a trust, we can help.

Our lawyers have extensive experience in high value and complex estate administration, trust administration and fiduciary accounting. To help you carry our your duties, we can advise you on your duties:

  • Administering a high value or complex trust or estate
  • Investing trust funds and distributing trust funds
  • Moving a trust to another country or other jurisdiction
  • Paying off debts through to the distribution of assets to the beneficiaries
  • Windup of the trust or estate

Advice to Navigate Court Processes

We advise executors in obtaining court approval of their administration, preparing accounts (including estate accounts, guardianship accounts and attorney accounts) for court, and all other aspects of estate and trust administration.

Consult With our Estate and Trust Administration Lawyers

For more information about our estate and trust legal services, contact the Toronto estate administration lawyers of O’Sullivan Estate Lawyers LLP.