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Complex Will Planning

Effective Techniques in Complex Will Planning

Will planning is vital in order to distribute your estate in a way that reflects your intentions and wishes. If you die without a will, the law will determine how your estate is distributed. Additionally, it makes sense to take advantage of numerous opportunities to minimize and even eliminate fees and taxes upon death through careful will planning.

At the Toronto, Ontario, law firm of O’Sullivan Estate Lawyers LLP, we work with clients to provide tailored and cost-effective will planning services to protect your wealth for future generations.

Legal Tools That Go Beyond Basic Wills

For complex estates, a number of effective will planning strategies exist. Our lawyers can help you explore and leverage the ones most appropriate to your estate planning goals. Some available strategies include:

  • Splitting income between individuals using testamentary trusts provided under your will to reduce income taxes
  • Using multiple wills to minimize probate taxes
  • Using trusts under your will for general wealth protection purposes, tax minimization, protection against matrimonial and creditor claims, and succession of capital to your chosen beneficiaries, including children and grandchildren

Solutions For Cross-Border, Multijurisdictional Estate Issues

Each country has different laws governing wills, probate, estate administration and the transfer of property. If you own property in multiple jurisdictions, we can work with foreign legal counsel to create separate wills, where appropriate, that are integrated, do not overlap or conflict, and provide clear directions for the transfer of assets and payment of taxes and expenses and, as well, consider other available planning options.

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